Scute“…a bony external plate or scale overlaid with horn, as on the shell of a turtle, the skin of crocodilians, the feet of birds.” – Wikipedia


Cheryl Chan is originally from Hong Kong, but was raised in Toronto, Ontario.  She studied biology and education concurrently at Queen’s University, completing a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in 2009, and a Bachelor of Education in 2010.  The idea of working abroad piqued Cheryl’s interest during her undergraduate years, leading her to focus on international education in Teachers College.  Upon graduation, she moved to Nanjing, China, where she taught at a Canadian international secondary school for three years.   Since returning to Canada, she has gained experience in restoration ecology by engaging in fieldwork, and working with stakeholders on a variety of restoration projects through Niagara College’s Ecosystem Restoration program.  These opportunities have allowed her to better understand how communities interact with ecosystems, and how these types of relationships might be articulated or represented.  Currently, she is studying a Master’s of Environmental Science at the University of Waterloo, where she is exploring some of the connections between ecosystem services and social well-being in coastal communities.  In her spare time, Cheryl likes to hike, find unknown plants to identify, and partake in some amateur birdwatching.  Travel is her guilty pleasure and addiction.  You’ve probably guessed, but she also loves turtles.

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Healesville Sanctuary (Victoria, Australia), with a red-tailed black cockatoo.


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