It’s been about two weeks since I’ve arrived, here, in beautiful Jamaica.  I’m currently staying in an area known as Bluefields Bay.  Since arriving, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the beauty of Jamaica, and the warmth of Jamaican people.  I’m truly appreciative of this awesome opportunity.

I’m here on the island conducting my master’s research, which focuses on how marine protected areas (MPAs) affect  community members’ relationships with one another, and with their surrounding environment.  Bluefields is home to one of Jamaica’s largest MPAs, appropriately named the Bluefields Bay Special Fishery Conservation Area.  At present, this MPA is being managed by the Bluefields Bay Fishermen’s Friendly Society (BBFFS).  I’ve been fortunate enough to sit down with some of the wardens and local community members in the past two weeks.  They’ve welcomed me with open arms and I’m beginning to learn more about Jamaican culture!  Stay tuned.


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