Holiday delights: Animal Planet

For those who haven’t heard, Animal Planet is free on Rogers this month (thank you, Santa).  Needless to say, this holiday has been a time of tea, yarn, and some serious R&R.  Speaking of which, I recently watched a TV documentary about the world’s first sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica.  Baby sloths can bring cheer to anyone’s day.  If you feel the need for some warm and fuzzies during this cold season, I suggest watching a 50 minute video of the most laid-back animals on the planet.  Seriously, I’m trying to spread the holiday cheer!

Just look at that face.

Fun fact: Sloths are pretty much always up in a tree, but for whatever reason, they come down every 7 days or so to defecate (a fact that’s probably been made famous by Zefrank).

Bottom line, I am loving Animal Planet and sloths right now.


2 thoughts on “Holiday delights: Animal Planet

  1. I’ve been knitting a scarf. I swear I’ve been knitting the same scarf for about three years now. I keep taking it apart and doing it again.

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